Take Control of your Grocery Spendings

Master Your Money: Effortlessly track and categorize grocery expenses with our automatic receipt scanning feature. From fruits to household essentials, every item is assigned the right category instantly, saving you time and hassle.

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Grocelio was built for those who are tired of rising grocery prices and want to keep their spending under control. If others collect paper receipts and at the end of the day look at where the money went, Grocelio gives an accurate picture instantly.

Take a photo of receipt
It's even easier than taking a selfie.

Made for everyday use

Just take a picture of the receipt. It can be crumpled, dark, upside down - it doesn't matter.

Instant recognition
Your receipt is recognized in seconds.

Instant recognition of items

Our AI technology recognizes and categorizes your shopping list and instantly makes it available.

See the whole picture
Summarized reports of spendings.

Control your spending

All purchases are totaled to give you a complete picture of your spending broken down by day and category.

Now is the time to get rid of paper receipt clutter and take your spendings under control

  • Track the price increases

    Keep track of price changes so you don't get caught off guard by price increases.

  • Control your daily spendings

    Set your spending threshold and be notified when it is exceeded.

  • Find the budget breaker

    Itemize your expenses and track exactly where most of your budget goes to.

  • Add in real-time

    Take a picture of the recipe and get the expense analysis within seconds.

  • Quick and detailed search

    Quickly find receipts by store and even by individual products.

  • Encrypted and secure

    All receipt images are stored anonymized and encrypted.

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Join now in just 15 seconds to revolutionize your spending habits! Simply snap a photo of your receipt, and receive its digital copy. Experience the ease of managing your expenses with us.

Flat pricing, no hidden fees

Whether you’re a person who does groceries a couple times a week or you track expenses for a small business, we’ve got a plan for you.

Payment frequency


The vital essentials for occasional use of the service


  • Up to 15 receipts per month


Most popular

Advanced plan for day-to-day use and full control over your spending


  • Up to 150 receipts per month


For those who want absolute control with no restrictions


  • Unlimited receipts

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

How does the receipt scanning feature work?
Using this feature is as easy as taking a selfie. You simply take a photo of the receipt and our service does the rest. For convenience, it's all combined into one button - it both takes a photo and uploads the receipt.
What types of receipts can be scanned?
There are no restrictions on the types of receipts. Receipts from grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores. We even recognize handwritten receipts!
Are there any specific requirements for the quality of the receipt images for scanning?
No special requirements. The receipt may be crumpled, photographed upside down or faded. If you can make out the text of the receipt in the photo, it is likely to be easy for us too.
Does the service support multiple currencies?
Yes. Dollars, pounds, reals, pesos. No restrictions.
Are there any limits on the number of receipts I can scan?
In the Basic plan, a maximum of 15 receipts per month can be added. In the Premium plan you can upload and save up to 150 receipts per month. And in the VIP plan there are no restrictions at all.
Can I export my expense data for use in other financial software?
Yes, you can export your data to analyze it and use it in other services. Your data always remains your data and you always have full access to it.
How long are receipts stored within the system?
We do not delete outdated receipts. You can do that yourself. Move unwanted recipes to the Trash and they will be deleted after a month automatically.
I remember uploading the recipe, but I can't find it.
Oh, you can find it through search. In the receipts, type the name of the store where this receipt is from (part of the name works too). Or you can search for it by its item. For example, if you remember that you receipt had eggs in it, you can find it by searching eggs in receipt items.
Can I categorize my expenses by myself?
The receipt items are being categorized automatically using out AI-based matching feature. It is planned to add the option to change assigned categories manually.
Is there a mobile app available for easy receipt scanning on the go?
We are working on these apps and they will be available in the near future. For now you can use the mobile version of the website. It has been designed to be easy to use from a cell phone. Android users can also install the PWA shortcut - honestly, using the service through it is no different than using the native Android app.
What measures are in place to protect my personal and financial information?

We take security seriously. We conduct regular audits to ensure that our system is protected against unauthorized access. No one has access to your data except you and company employees with the appropriate level of access.

With respect to financial data about your subscription payments, we do not store such information. Your credit card details, bank account details and any other payment information is only held by the payment services.